Blocked Drains

blocked drainYour drains are blocked, cracked or broken. You know the drains are blocked because

  • You’ve difficulties when flushing the toilet
  • The water takes ages to drain from the sink
  • Unpleasant smells and water collecting on outside surfaces such as the patio or driveway from overflowing drains, gulleys and manholes.

Sometimes the drain has been blocked for longer than you think and that’s when you notice evidence of subsidence including cracks in brickwork, window sills, driveways,  patios or sunken steps.

How we clear your drains

Most drains are capable of taking a lot of waste but from time to time pipes build up and need clearing and descaling. Some of the main causes of drain blockages include lime scale, cooking fat, washing powder and other items.

Drain rods

These can be used to clear blockages, but they are not as effective as using high pressure water jets. Sometimes they can be used to remove the blockage before using the water jet and this can help to reduce the level of flooding. They can also help to enable access for the water jet. Occasionally they can be used for clearing blocked toilets.

High pressure water jets

We use high pressure water jet which works at a pressure level up to 5000 psi (pound per square inch). This cleans and descales pipe walls from all types of blockages, including fat, grease, toilet paper, silt, roots and so on. Which clean and descale the pipe walls from all types of blockages (Fat, Grease, Toilet Paper, Silt, Roots, Scale etc) and leaves it free flowing.

We also have a mobile water jetter with we use for office blocks and flats which gives a better clearance then any sanisnake or any other type of wire drainage equipment