Blocked Baths

blocked bath imageThere’s nothing worse than a blocked bath. You’ve had a great bath after a hard day’s work. you’re relaxed and chilled out and as you step out of the bath you pull the plug… thinking of how great it is to be clean again…

The first time you discover you’ve a problem is when the bath doesn’t empty properly, and you’re left with a bath of cold, scummy water. You root around in the bath to double check that the plug has been removed and yes it has. You have a blocked bath.

The most common cause of your blocked baths is hair combined with a build up of soap scum.

You might have a partial blockage and that’s where your bath or shower water drains away incredibly slowly.

You can try using a plunger to unblock the bath yourself, but if you’re here reading this right now I suspect you’ve tried this already and now  need some professional help. You see there are some bath blockages that start small, with the slow draining of water and over time become progressively worse. The time for the plunger has come and gone!

Well, we can help you get your bath back and make bathtime a pleasurable once more.

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